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What Beginners Should Know Before Setting Up a Fish Tank

Jan 5 • 3 minute read

Every year, millions of beginner fish keepers set up new fish tanks to discover the thrill and excitement of rearing fish. Fishkeeping offers beginners a unique opportunity to observe a new world and take part in bringing it to life. In addition, a fish tank is an easy, fun, and beautiful addition to any office or home and is a source of relaxation, education, and entertainment for the family. The gentle bubbling of the filter and the sight of fish darting in and out of the aquatic plants make a fish tank a great source of relaxation and fascination.

Over time, you will learn more about aquatic creatures and get a chance to see their behavior firsthand. However, starting your aquarium can initially feel overwhelming, given the massive selection of tanks and fish varieties. Here are a few tips beginners need to keep in mind when setting up a fish tank.

Decorate Your Fish Tank

Decorating your aquarium will make it more inviting and enriching for your fish. Some fish prefer ample open spaces for swimming, while others require some cover where they can relax and hide. You’ll need to research the type of habitat your fish like and use this information to purchase appropriate plants, rocks, and props for your tank. In most cases, the first fish that inhabit your aquarium will go for the best spots. Therefore, you should add decorations gradually with every new fish purchase to give each member of the tank their own place to hang out.

Create a Day and Night Cycle

Just like other pets and humans, fish need rest. Ensure your fish tank lighting is set on a regular on-and-off cycle that gives your fish some resting time and prevents unappealing algae growth. If your light lacks a built-in timer, you may be able to add a light timer to your setup. Aquariums with plant life require at least 10 to 12 hours of lighting, while non-planted fish tanks need 6 to 8 hours.

Ensure Balance

After setting up your new fish tank, you will be excited to fill it with different types of fish. However, you need to be patient and take things slowly. Keep in mind that a fish tank is a living ecosystem, and to keep the inhabitants thriving and growing, you must establish balance. It’s important to research the types of fish you want to raise to ensure they can live peacefully together. You can start by introducing a few fish and wait a week or two before adding more. That allows adequate growing time for essential bacteria that help filter water. You can also test your fish tank water for nitrite and ammonia and only add more fish if the levels of these compounds are zero.

Clean the Tank Regularly

Your fish tank needs routine cleaning in order to remain a healthy habitat. On average, you’ll need to clean your take once every two weeks. Ensure that the gravel remains intact during the first few months when cleaning to guarantee continued and undisturbed growth of beneficial bacteria. It is also important to ensure that you avoid disturbing the water filter and filter media for the first few weeks after establishing your tank.

Final Thoughts

Having a fish tank is a rewarding and enjoyable undertaking. Setting up your new fish tank is not challenging; most people can successfully manage everything independently. However, for long-term success, it is important to be patient and research all equipment and types of fish before making a purchase. Although the initial setup of a fish tank may seem like lots of effort, researching and preparing beforehand will make keeping an aquarium an engaging and fun hobby for many years to come. Everything will be worthwhile when you see your fish healthy and thriving in their new habitat.

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